Friday, March 27, 2009

Part 2 of KimB's Color Challenge and AWARD Time!

OK, I have to say the guy dancing on the corner (a post a few days ago) must really be hitting home. As I am truly feeling thankful for all I have in my life, little and Big. I received an award this morning from a new designer over at DSO, Gaye aka GSCreation. She has only been blogging and just opened her store a short while ago, under the wings/horns of her VERY talented and well known sister KimB...yup. I feel so honored to know that they both even know who I am but it is made me feel that I do have some special people in My Digital World I would love to see awarded for their hard work and so well deserve this award.

I want to first say this, I have been blessed by many gals giving me awards over the last year and a half that I have been blogging and I ALWAYS feel very honored, shy and wondering why they picked me and then get very nerves about what I must do to post the award and then
having to pick how ever many other gals to send the award off to. As I feel everyone is talented in their own way, so who I am to single out just a few. I have been in the digital world for almost 5 years (NSD is my 5th anniversary) and have meet, seen or worked with so many, I think
to myself, I can't pick just (??)that many or do I really think has earned this award. I wouldn't want to hurt someone feels or leave anyone out that really does deserve it, so I have always choose not to post them, emailed the gal who past it on to me, thanking her and explaining just what I have here.....BUT lately I have been GETTING out there and trying to get to know some of you and stop being so shy and quiet. Just admiring from behind the scenes. So Gayle passed this award to me for the hard work to our blogs and I said, I can so this and I do have a few gals I feel truly have earned this award. I would like them to know that knowing them and working with them has met a lot to me.

So here we go....get you a cup of java and read on as I would like to
AWARD these fellow BLOGGER with much love and thanks.....Gaye aka GSCreations- I am so honored to get this award, mostly from who I got it from. Although she is a new but very talented designer, she has been by my blog many times to leave a sweet comment and works so hard under her SISTER'S WING. God sure gave out the talent in her family...she is KimB Sister, who is known by everyone in the digi blogger world. Gaye thank you so have some big shoes to fill, but with Kim's love and guidance you are on your way to being as I like to put it, "Running with the big Dogs(Designers)". Thank you for your kindness and I will be here following and drinking in all the awesome things that will be up coming for you in the digi world.

Linda aka BonScrapatit Design- Oh girl where do I start but with, I don't know anyone more deserving of this award than YOU. The endless hours this woman puts into her designing is incredible and so inspirational for all designers who know her. The joy and kindness she has for others is way past the "Up and Beyond" she goes to help out ANYONE that simply asks and even for some who don't, he he. A true caring and devoted Blogger to all who stops by her way. Takes the time to make sure all the finest details are covered. A unique style of her own, which truly makes Linda who Linda is and why WE all Love her. With all this said and for all Linda has done for me over the last five years (yes, Girl Friend it has been that long already my how times
flies when we are having fun) I want to say that I know nobody who I love and honor more than MY BEST FRIEND! (NO tears, girl YOU so deserve this Award)!

Tracy aka Crazy T (Owner of One Single Seed)- This award comes to you for all the work hard and support and kindness you have gave me personally. For always asking me to just hang around even when I wanted to throw in the towel with all the real world things come crashing down. For the kind heart person you are and the love of the scrapping world as a whole. From the days of the WORLD Scrapping TOUR you hosted to the change over of your new store YOU have been there for me and love you for it. I know this is a Hard work for Bloggers but you are
blogging now, but you so have a big heart and work very hard for your designers, so I award you today! HUGS, GF!

Monna aka Monna Lainson Design - This award goes to you as we have been working together for this last little bit, learning that we are so much a lot in our thinking about creating designs and kits. We are on a top ward climb together. The years back at 3S our paths crossed but I guess we
were both too shy to make that first step, but I am so glad to have found you through our dear friend Linda. I know that you are working very hard and enjoying our adventure together in blogland! SO I thank you so much for the honor to be working with you blogging and designing
at One Single Seed as well, watch out OSS we have some stuff to knock your socks off. So everyone check out her BLOG she has some AWESOME designs for you.

Sassy aka Designs by Sassy - Dearest Sarah, I remember first working with your designs as a CT at 3S and knew you would be going someplace one day and wow just look at the stuff you are working so hard at. I know that you are working hard through your blog to sell all you can to
have that BEAUTIFUL wedding and you will be a Gorgeous Bride. Thank you for all your help and input on (*wink*) all you help me with. And can't wait to see your wedding pictures. Give them little guys a big hug for me! You are so amazing what you can handle in one days time. You so deserve this award.

Kathy aka Kathy's Scraps
- I know that our paths have somewhat gone in a different direction for now, but I so think you are more than well deriving of this Hard work award. WE have work closely together last year with a great group of gal at Scrapkit Challenge and made a great impact on some new designers that are now designing and selling, work together closely on the behind the scenes jobs of putting a great newsletters / ezine together. You have taught me so much and so admire your ability to keep things going and so organized. So for all your hard work for the digi world I would like to give this award to you!

OK...the next four gals I would like to see get this award and are SO WELL deserving as well.They are the four gals I had the pleasure of working with and so inspired me to get back at scrapping and designing are the gal at Scrap That Idea, which a brand new digi shop in the digital world.... Mel, Stacey, Sarah and Vicky ....All of their hard work on their blogs is really working out for them and has come together. It was alot of fun working with them as they are all very talented. Big HUGS girls and lots of luck.

OK here is the rules:
1 - Pass it on to 10 other deserving bloggers.
2 - Link back to the blogger who gave you the award.
3 - Link to the bloggers you passed it on to, and leave them a message on their blog.

A very special thanks to my Sisters of the Traveling Digi Scrappers if it wasn't for you I probably wouldn't be here today...all the love and support these gals have gave me. Carole and Karen are gals that opened their hearts to me in the very beginning at 3S and I even got to meet Karen in person...woo hoo, here is a TOOTER for you Karen. The sweet and loving Miss Carole has done a lot of supporting me by doing layouts, chatting in chat rooms and oh so dear to my heart. Thank you all the best five years of my are all so dear to me.

Well if I haven't lost you yet, I have another part of KimB's Color Challenge and boy I think this is a first...Linda you are rubbing off on me...hee hee. Enjoy and I have an alpha for you to go with this in the next couple of days.


Sorry link has been removed but coming soon to OSS Store


Kathy said...

Thank you, I am very honored and humbled for the award! You are one special lady. I would not know who to return the favor to except you and several ladies you already mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Scrapbook Freebies Search List, under the Kit post on Mar. 27, 2009. Thanks again.

KrisG said...

What an ADORABLE kit!!!! I just can't wait til Spring hits Chicago so I can get some pics this year. Your kits always go in my "special place" *yep you have your own folder, LOL) so I'll be able to find it when that time comes. THANK YOU!!!!

It's Just me...Crazy "T" said...

Holy Molly!!!! wow wow wow.. what a cool thing for you to do my dear friend. I am soooo soooo happy to have you as a friend and wow.. Hope I can do you justice on this award.. Thanks sweetie!!!!
Now.. on to more important things.. WOWOWOW this kit is ADORABLE!!!!!! OMG I AM TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH THESE FLOWERS AND THE FUN LITTLE STRINGS!!!!! You my dear are amazing!!!!!!
luv your gutz,

Mrs E of Scrappy Freebies said...

thanks so much for this!

Linda said...

Hmmmmm ... hmmmmmmm ... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... don't cry you say? For as long as you have known me dearest one, you just KNOW that I'm gonna cry!!! You were right! Come read your blog and be uplifted!

Dawn, in the FOUR long years that we have known each other, it AMAZES me continually how much you keep growing in ALL areas, not just designing. I am SOOOO happy to know that you are OUT and ABOUT in SCRAPLAND getting to know some of the INCREDIBLY sweet and talented ladies/gentlemen!!! You GO girl!

Thank you SO much for thinking of me when Gaye presented you with this award - I am MOST honored and WOW, you really GOT me blubbering with ALL of those SWEET and KIND words! Ya know I LOVES YA!!! MWAH!

Part Two is TWEET, TWEET, TWEET!!! You ROCK!

Linda :)

makeyesup said...

Part 2 for the color challenge is so adorable, thanks for making and sharing. You are a awesome designer.

Anonymous said...

I can't thank you enough for sharing this adorable kit!!

Carole N. said...

Dawn, what kind things you have shared here. You know I LOVE YOU, girlfriend. It seems hard to believe that over four years have flown by since we first met at 3S, but even more wonderful is the fact that you, Linda, Kathy, Karen, and I have stayed close through it all.

I just can't tell you how much I LOVE this kit. It is so whimsical and gorgeous at the same time.
Thanks again for sharing your talent with us mere mortals that don't have any. ROFLOL Gotcha!

Love and Hugs!

nancypinct said...

Gorgeous elements! I love the birdie and the frames! Thank your for this very nice gift!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

It's Adorable and I love it! Thank you so much for sharing:)

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Good morning Sweety!!!!!!!!!!
I had a GREAT time yesterday babysitting my grandaughter & did manage to get photos!!!!!!!! LOL
TY so very much for another AWESOME part of this CUTE contribution!!!!!!!!!!
HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monna said...

Dawn, I am SO honored you included me in your blog award! You are right, we have brushed elbows for many years - and its just lately that we have really gotten close. Man, I could KICK myself for not getting to know you sooner! I love bouncing ideas off you, and I am enriched by your suggestions and enthusiasm. You are wise, creative, and just downright FUNNY! you keep me giggling, girl! BIG HUGS! No tears here, just a HUGE thank you for your friendship.

I can only echo the others on this kit...WOW WOW WOW! Adorable color palette and your elements and papers are RAWKIN' right off the page! Congrats and I can't wait to play with this!

Vicki said...

Oh Dawn, you are such a special person - so kind and considerate and always thinking of others. I am honoured to be able to call you my friend and I thank you for this lovely award.

Your colour challenge kit is gorgeous btw - great job!

Sending big hugs across the pond xxxxxx

melliel said...

So cute & love the little bird. Thanks for sharing.

3BoysMamiScrapping said...

Hey Mom,
I really like this kit you made for that color chalenge!!!!

masscb said...

what a beautiful kit thank you for sharing.

TerriK said...

Awesome kit! Thanks for sharing.

bj said...

thanks so much for sharing your talent and time

Trisha said...

Thank you :)

Denise said...

Thanks, this is very cute!

Michele said...

Beautiful kit!!! Thank you for both parts!!! Can't wait for the alpha!! :-) Thank you!

Keryn said...

Thank you for part 2 of this gorgeous kit. I just adore the colours you have used.

solange bonnet said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I love it.

benexav said...

Merci bcp

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for part 2 of this wonderful kit!!

Peggie said...

Thank you for this lovely kit. So Spring!