Monday, April 29, 2013

Back and Excited about Project Life!

Hello EVERYONE!!!!!

Surprise, I am still ALIVE...just finishing up my Spring College coarse and have missed playing in Photoshop and got into my PS this weekend. Mainly as I have found something I would really like to do, Becky Higgins's PROJECT LIFE. After 2 more weeks of classes, I am going to get started on my first album for ME and my family to work on together.

Fill you in more about that later.Just wanted to stop in and say HELLO and that I will be back and sharing my project as we get started and working through my thousands of photos I have been hoarding. I love this idea of simple scrapping and getting my photos from my computer to an album to share with family and friends. I am really hoping on dragging my daughters and granddaughter into doing this together.

Exams are next week, wish me luck and really excited in getting started on sharing our memories for all our futures GENERATIONS! 

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